I do not participate directly with insurance companies, except for certain eating disorder treatments (see below). Depending on your insurance, you may be eligible for reimbursement from “out-of-network” providers such as myself.  I am happy to help you navigate this process and will provide you with a statement that has all the necessary information for potential insurance reimbursement.


It can be difficult for families to find outpatient therapists in their insurance networks who provide the specific research-proven treatments for eating disorders.  If you or your child has an eating disorder, it may be possible for me to work with insurance to obtain a “single case agreement” for your therapy, meaning that my services could be covered as if I were a provider in your network.


Current appointment fees:

  • $475 for the initial evaluation process
  • $240 for a 50-minute psychotherapy and/or medication management appointment
  • $190 for a 25-minute medication management appointment